Super chilis!

I grew some super chilis in the garden this summer. We didn’t try them. But I picked some up to make chili tinsels! It looks great in a country kitchen! I might not have my own kitchen yet, but still, I like decorating it. And so I picked the last ones a couple of days ago and I decided to try something: I’ll grow some chilis indoor during winter. I’ve taken the seeds off of all chilis that I’ve picked and put them in the oven to dry them. I’ve also put the chilis that I’ve ripped open (!) in the oven to dry them to. This is what I’ll try.

First, I’ll use the seeds in food. Isn’t that original?!

Second, I’ll crush the dry chilis to make a powder. Chili powder! Woo-hoo!

OK, so what I’ll make is not different. But have I used the right technique???? I have no idea! I’ll see…

But the oven clock just rang and I guess it was a bit too hot (350) because after only 5 minutes, the seeds have turned golden! So I took them off. When I opened the oven, my throat was attacked by spicy and hot emanations and I just chocked! Oh well…! I’ll put the chilis back in the oven when it will be cooler (200). I’ll be back for more results!

The day after…

The chilis are almost burnt and the seeds… well, the seeds are just golden. I guess that they’re edible (and that I hadn’t to toast them!) so I’ll just wait until someone who likes hot food want to try them. As for the chilis, I might try to make a powder


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