Grandma VanDoren’s White Bread

I don’t personally know Grandma VanDoren. In fact, I learnt about her existence just a few minutes ago. But she used to make really good white bread, or so 2 700 000 tastebuds think on the web (I just learnt that a person has about 10 000 tastebuds on his/her tongue!)! So since I’m looking for THE perfect white bread (at least, perfect according to my 10 000 taste buds!), here I am on my quest!

1st bread tried: Grandma VanDoren White Bread, october 23, 20o9, 2 o’clock pm (forecast: cloudy and windy a little bit (why do I write that?)

Now the bread is rising (first rise, quick rise: 10 minutes, long live Fleishmann’s!). But then I’ll have to clean up the house… if you could see the mess… I’m also trying to paint (acrylic)! Oh! I haven’t written about that. Well, not much to say except that I like it and that the dinner table has been covered with my painting stuff for about 3 days now… Ah… will I ever get tidy and organized?!?


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